Educators Personalised Daily Section

Personalised Daily Section

The diary may be customised according to each school’s individual needs or preferences. These custom elements are added to promote organisation, to ease the planning process for educators, to inform educators well in advance of their duties and to keep them organised. Should you have a specific request not mentioned below, kindly contact us.

Incorporating the school’s year program by adding own entries
Make the most of your diary by adding custom entries to your Daily Section which stipulates all school events from the school’s year program on the specific date the event will occur, such as staff birthdays, extramural activities, departmental deadlines, etc. By stipulating these events, educators are informed well in advance and will be able to plan accordingly.

Adding a monthly or termly planner

At the start of each month, 2 pages may be inserted – 1 for the monthly calendar, and a second dedicated to Notes or Events, which may accompany the monthly planner. This helps educators prepare their curriculum schedules well in advance to be able to complete all the work required for the year. Alternatively, these monthly planners may be included in the information section. Should you prefer a termly planner, 2 pages may be inserted – 1 page for the termly planner, and a second page dedicated to Notes or Events, which may accompany the monthly planner.

Make your diary user-friendly by adding tabs
A tab may be added to define terms or months, using typed definitions or colours. This will help educators easily find entries or dates.