Inserts for Book Covers

Inserts for Book Covers

These Cover Inserts are pre-printed in black ink on 80gsm colour tinted paper. The school may choose a design from our selection or provide their own. The school’s crest and name appears on the front of the cover. Ample space is provided on all covers to enter a learner’s name, grade and subject.

Book inserts fit snugly into PVC jackets (A4 portrait, A4 adjustable, A5 portrait and A5 landscape). Select the design(s) and colour(s) preferred to differentiate between grades and / or subjects – the choice is yours. All Inserts for Book Covers require a fitted PVC book jacket.

Actual cover dimensions: 

  1. A4 portrait = 425mm wide x 298mm high (for soft cover textbooks)
  2. A4 portrait = 215mm wide x 298 mm high (for hard cover textbooks – use with adjustable PVC cover)
  3. A5 portrait = 304mm wide x 210mm high
  4. A5 landscape = 425mm wide x 148.5mm high

Available colours: