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Cover Options

It is important to create or choose a cover which will compliment the school’s ethos and values as this is often the first contact parents and learners have with the school. Create a lasting impression with a beautiful diary cover that instils school pride in every member of your school community. This includes learners, parents and educators.

Every diary cover is personalised according to each individual school’s identity and beautifully showcases the school’s crest and uniform colours. Other important elements may be incorporated as well, such as the school’s physical address and contact details. See the options listed below for more details regarding the cover design options:

  1. HC Range – Our selection of diary cover designs created specifically for schools.
  2. Your own design – Should your school have a marketing or design team which handles internal artwork, you may supply us with your own cover design.
  3. Photographs – Any photo, image or learner artwork from the school’s selection may be supplied to be showcased on the diary cover.