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Standard Daily Section

Writing space

The daily section of the homework diary is intended for writing down daily homework entries and other important notes. Where younger learners are not required to do homework or learners are to young to deliver communications from the school, this diary may serve as a communication channel between the school and parents.

Dates or no dates?

A dated daily section makes planning and recording homework entries easy. It also has the added benefit of stating all school holidays and public holidays on the correct day and date. For younger learners, having a dated daily section is more user-friendly as writing homework entries down can be done easily with a little guidance from the educator. Without dates, the learner might record homework entries wrongly. This may result in homework not being done on time, which will result in demerits or detention.

No Dates diaries are meant to be a cost-effective solution for schools with a smaller population, where unused diaries may be used the following year, or where diaries are used for more than 1 school year.